A Treasury of Wonderful Stories and Gems of Halacha


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Tales of the saints and the righteous of miracles. After each story is a Halacha (law, rule) resulting from the preceding narrative – which makes the book a practical tutorial on Halacha.

Stories found in old books gnizy synagogue Ereyskoy Sloboda and stories gathered by Rabbi Menachem Menashe and Rabbi Yosef Chaim (of blessed memory pravdenikov) and told the reader to feel the taste of them, and received the coveted benefit, cited the relevant Halacha.
These amazing stories (in Hebrew they are called “niflaim”), I told my students, students bet-midrash “Shmirat Hashem” – God bless them! – In the world-famous “Red (Jewish) settlement,” which in the mountains of Azerbaijan. My students – grateful audience, for them the heroes of these stories are not fictional, but quite lively.

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