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Much endeavour, thought and knowledge have been invested into the content of this book and its content and artistic presentation, in order to transfer the warmth of the Hebrew letters to the reader, both young and old, and bring him to an understanding of the deeper meaning of the sacred letters of the Aleph-Beth based on the Torah and the vast spiritual treasury of our ancestors. This beautifully designed booklet aims at making easier the effort required to learn our sacred language and its twenty two letters. At the same time we wanted to show that the letters of our Aleph-Beth are not dull instruments, raw materials for word composition, but living souls bearing the lofty spirit of creation, and conveying deep ideas and meanings.

This booklet is another link in the chain of publications dedicated to our Russian-speaking brethren which had no possibility of acquiring Jewish knowledge, of learning the sacred language of our ancestors or of evaluating their own spiritual heritage written in this language. This has always been the vital source of our nations existence, and a living witness of its being a sacred nation, a nation which received the Torah from Sinai and bequeathed it to successive generations.

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