“And Where Was God During the Holocaust?”


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It sounds trite, but, since people do not usually learn from history, particularly while living through it, I therefore set before myself to task of reaching out to those who honestly wish to understand what has happened, in order to learn something…

Hitler was forced to kill Jews since he was not allowed to kick them out of Germany!

The figure of six million Jews murdered has to be replaced by figures of almost seven million – Jewish old men and women, children, women and men, killed because of their Jewish lineage…

We see that our logical links in a chain that connects the term Holocaust together with Poland, ghetto, and Auschwitz, should also include the USSR, pit, ditch, yar (ravine), and graves…

The crowns that the Danes crowned themselves within the connection with the Holocaust are paid for by the Jews who were robbed…

During all of those years (including 1945), there was not even one single time that anyone broadcast, in any language, the fact that Jews were being slaughtered…

If the blood that flows in the veins stops connecting the Jews, they will be connected by blood that flows out of their veins…

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