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Bar mitzvah is Hebrew for “son of the commandment.” When a Jewish boy turns 13, he has all the rights and obligations of a Jewish adult, including the commandments of the Torah.
The JRCC put together for you a unique package of Jewish items that are important and a source of blessing for every Jewish boy to have. This package is given for free to every Jewish Russian boy at the age of 12. If you do not meet any f the above criteria you can always buy this same package from us.
The package contains the following items:
1. A Siddur, with English translation – Prayer is at the very core of Judaism, our obligation and ability to communicate with our Creator. The Siddur contains all the prayers and blessings you will need.
2. A Tzedaka (Charity) box – Expressing kindness is fundamental to our people. Your elegant Tzedakah box could be placed in a visible location to serve as a reminder to give charity on a regular basis.
3. A Kiddush Cup – Sanctifying Shabbos and Yom Tov, the Jewish holidays is done over a goblet of wine or grape juice. The enclosed, fancy kiddush cup, will help you bring in Shabbos and Jewish holidays with honour and respect.
4. A Kippa – Jewish law requires men to cover their heads as a sign of respect and reverence for G d when praying, studying Torah, saying a blessing or entering a synagogue. Traditionally, Jewish men and boys wear the kippah at all times, a symbol of their awareness of, and submission to, a “higher” entity.
5. Bar Mitzvah guide – This unique brochure will introduce you to the basic concepts and traditions of a Bar Mitzva and prepare you for Bar Mitzva Club! Please discuss with your parents and visit our website or call us for information about our exciting Bar Mitzva Club.
The JRCC is happy to help you plan to make your traditional Bar Mitzvah a most memorable
Mazal tov!
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Bar Mitzvah Package
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