American writer, literature professor told the Jewish legend of the insidious spirit, that moved into a young girl.

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By Francine Prose
Translated by: Genkin, Valery
Although mention of Dybbuk appeared in the literature in the XVII century , the belief in them and other spirits insidious spread much earlier , as evidenced by the old Jewish folklore. Playwright S. Ansky (Simon Rapoport ) gathered a rich collection of Jewish tales , legends , proverbs , folk songs and melodies . On the basis of the collected material he wrote his famous play, ” The Dybbuk ” ( 1918 ), and Francine Prose , in turn, used the product Anskogo when I wrote this story.
In the Jewish tradition and folklore ” Dybbuk ” is called the soul of the dead sinner, which for reasons of his former life of sin is not given nor get to heaven, not even in hell. Lost soul is torn , trying to at least temporarily move into someone else’s body to make ” Tikkun “, a fix that will allow it to get or hell (hell in the Jewish soul of the sinner remains finite time) or in paradise. For only the soul , possessing body, capable to change anything in the world of action. However, to fully seize another’s body can not Dybbuk . In the story, a case Prowse truly incredible , even for those who believe in the possibility of this phenomenon: in a bride infused soul is not dead , but living groom. But the author and do not purport to be realistic described.

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