Faith and Hope


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Rav Yitzchak Zilber: … in the twenties, Palestine, which was asked by the Zionists-socialists, was a spiritual desert of Jewish scholarship. It was hard to believe that in this poor country, far from the Jewish centers, there would be Torah connoisseurs and yeshivas would revive. And in the thirty-third year, a little-known Rabbi Abraham-Yeshaya Karelits (Khazon Ish) came here from Vilna. And this man, who was not even formally a rabbi, the recognized spiritual leader of Jewishness Eretz Yisrael, in a short time organized a whole network of yeshivas and made Bnei Brak a city of the Torah … We hope that a way out, with Gd’s help, into the light of the proposed to the attention of the reader of the book as a great event in the world of Russian-language literature on Judaism. We are talking about the most important book in our era on the Jewish worldview, perhaps even the perception of the world: how to feel Gd and your connection with him. Emuna uvitahon – “faith and hope” – that is how she is called; Despite its small size, it occupies an honorable place in the heritage that Khazon Ish left us. Alas, alas … you and I are in the title of the book the qualities are required as the further, the more, and yet many of those who consider themselves to be “believers and hopeful” do not even know what it is .. This book is a true encyclopedia and a guiding star in this area. The author “poured out his soul in her,” expressing his love for the Creator in a truly beautiful, poetic and sublime language … This, however, requires the reader to have a high culture and mastery of the original language perfectly. This translation of such a well-known book into Russian, despite all the relevance and the undoubted need for an accessible translation for many, is the first in the fifty years that have passed since its writing.


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