Faith and Trust


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In the beginning of the 20th century the land of Israel, back then Palestine, was a desert. Both in physical terms but more so a desert devoid of Torah. No one could imagine that soon the land of Israel would become a major Torah center with Yeshivahs all over the country. Then in 1933 a not very well known man came to the of Israel from Vilna. His name was Rabbi Avraham Yishaya Karelitz later known as the great Chazon Eash. In a short while he became the head of the spiritual community in Palestine, erected multiple Yeshivas dedicated to the study of Torah, and made Bnei Brak the center of Torah learning it is today.

This powerful book by the Chazon Ish, Rabbi Avraham Yeshayahu Karelitz, zt”l, (1878-1953) is vital reading for every Jew. In it, the Chazon Ish explains his approach to faith and trust in G-d. In a startling fashion, he strips away much of what has been written on these subjects and presents a totally fresh view. This edition, the first English translation ever published of this seminal work, also contains the complete vowelized Hebrew text.

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