In Harmony with Nature


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Each year in the same sequence of the seasons come and go with us through the window. Each of the seasons has its own advantages and characteristics. Together, they make up an annual cycle, through which God holds regular nature that he created for the benefit of man.

Like nature, we live in the time, both as part of the physical world, we are subject to some kind of cyclical. Our theme – a parallel between the periodicity of the nature and frequency of the physical existence of the woman.

From month to month, a woman is experiencing recurring processes. Justified if the analogy between the annual cycle in nature and monthly cycle in the female body? If justified, what good for a relationship between a man and a woman, between husband and wife can we learn from this comparison? How does this topic relate to the Jewish laws of family life?

In the book, we will try to point out something in common between natural processes in connection with the change of seasons and physiological processes in the body of a woman due to her monthly cycle, and on this basis to explain the way to the establishment of a deep inner connection between the spouses.

The second part of the book contains advice and guidance of the Jewish sages, which may be useful to the reader in his family life.

At the end of the book are summarized laws of Shabbat and holiday candles. The fulfillment of this commandment has a special property – it creates a beneficial atmosphere of a Jewish home.

May it be the will of God that we all have received a full and happy family life and to our homes resided His blessing.

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