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Although Hasidic literature has thousands of books and their number is multiplying year after year, living the teachings of Hasidism can not be reduced to the printed word. And the Hasidic currents, where the study of the written text is an important and central component of the spiritual life, even where there has been created a bookstore canon always been aspects of intellectual and emotional, are not arrayed in the printed word. In an era of development in all of its many schools of Hasidism was a great transformation, and by its very nature difficult to mass perception of ideas in virtually incarnated world. The transition from the extreme abstraction to a living human spirit, to the earth’s everyday life – this is the Hasidism.

That is why the leaders and teachers of this trend in Judaism often chose singing parable, naive story as the best way to communicate ideas to their students. Their example was followed by the Hasidim themselves, vesting in a deliberately concise and simple form complex ideas and whole layers of the mystical teachings.

Genre Hasidic parable-miniature varieties: sometimes it sharpened aphorism, sometimes – an unexpected phrase at the end of the story, funny or frivolous at first glance, the ending is, and sometimes – just a few words that break the coldest serdtse.V any case, the Hasidic parable – not vanity, it is for the original nature – the whole doctrine, philosophical and religious tract, driven into the Procrustean bed of one or two sentences. The parable originally perceived not as a decoration of speech or stylistic refinement, but as food for the mind and the heart. It is true that she remembered the reader or listener thanks to its original form, but be transformed by the soul of the action it has on a completely different level.
Hasidic parable may reveal the secrets of his soul man, to help him solve the existential problems, and sometimes – and become the leitmotif of all life.

Proverbs – a powerful drug, it should be taken to the extent necessary and appropriate caution; they have great power, and sometimes fraught with great danger. Yet drugs – a good thing and necessary.



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