In Search of the Jewish Woman


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What is the purpose of a Jewish woman from the point of view of the Torah? It is not difficult to enumerate the special commandments that she fulfills, to illuminate her historical merits, or to quote the praiseworthy speeches of our sages dedicated to her. But what’s behind it? How to put the fragments together in order to give today’s daughters of Israel a clear sense of life calling? Immersed in spiritual searches, a Jew who spends day after day in a yeshiva knows for sure that every page learned is another step toward mastering the Talmud. But a righteous woman who has devoted herself to home and family sometimes feels that she endlessly rereads the same page, having no hope of completing the path. The modern, tradition-devoted Jewess does not refuse to follow in her great-grandmother’s footsteps, but in today’s distraught world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to follow the precepts of teachers with whom she never manages to meet.
The author does not pretend to show the Jewish woman the right way once and for
all. On the contrary, some of the recommendations and thoughts expressed below do not contain ready-made answers, but are designed to teach you how to put questions correctly. If a thoughtful reader, whether he agrees or disagrees with our ideas, comes to the conclusion that there are some questions to be answered, that there is a goal to be pursued, then the book is not written in vain.

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