In the Shadow of a Righteous Person


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The book “In the Shadow of the Righteous Person” tells the story of an outstanding Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef Zilber, who created a galaxy of talented students. Memoirs are written clearly, vividly and very much alive. They contain a lot of new things, because the student can tell his teacher as Rav himself, out of modesty hides many of their righteous deeds and qualities, could not tell.

In the book, there are about 400 interesting photos …

Application included a Russian translation memories of Rav Zilber, one of the great sages of Jerusalem Rabbi Ioelya Schwartz, as well as stories of such famous pupils as a teacher Zvi Rav-Patlas, writer Elie Luxembourg, mathematician Eliyahu Rips, and others.

All the stories you read will be with with bated breath, revealing an incredible height and purity of Rav Zilber, its total renunciation of personal desires for the sake of others. I would like to learn how he was able to love people without demanding anything from them as happy with their success. The book first describes some of the miracles that took place with Rav that show what level of communication with the Creator can be reached Jew by asking yourself the question – “What does G-d want me to do now?”

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