Introduction of a spiritual Practice of Jewish Meditation


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This book was published as the second part of A. Brodkin’s collection “Introduction to the Spiritual Practice of Jewish Meditation”.

Problems and questions related to subjectivity, subjective (subjective) “I”, their connection with the classical concepts of spirituality and the world of objects are devoted to a significant part of the book “The Silver Wing of the Flickering Bird”. The principles of detection of the subjective “I” and subjectivity, as well as their possible connections with the issues of finding the closeness of G-g and questions of religion, are analyzed. A number of methods of searching and working with the subject are also given, examples of such work of a psychotherapeutic and spiritual-therapeutic nature are given. An attempt is made to correlate the “structure” and essence of the subject and the essence of the aspects of G-g’s being. On the other hand, the question of the possible connection of the subject, and the researcher as a subject, with the world of objects, including from the point of view of the possible merger of the subject and the object, is considered in some detail. The issues related to thinking, emotions, body, etc., on the one hand, and subjectivity (subjectivity) are touched upon. And also about their mutual influence on each other.


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