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The book was awarded the prize and medal named after the English artist of the nineteenth century Randolph Caldecott, which in America every year is awarded the best illustrated books for children.
This wonderful Jewish folk tale has become a common story, a popular anecdote in various countries.
One day a poor man came to the rabbi to complain about his hopeless life and ask what to do to make it at least a little easier. And he received very strange advice from the rabbi…
A beautiful children’s book with funny illustrations tells an instructive story about the fact that everything is known in comparison.
Margot Tsemakh – American writer and artist, several times awarded the Randolph Caldecott Prize – for the best illustrated books for children.
Appeal to
parents There are stories in the world that everyone seems to know. Or rather, all adults. But sooner or later it’s time to tell them to the children, because these stories are simple, funny and instructive. One of them is in front of you.
It is so simple that it can be retold very briefly: a poor man, on the advice of a wise rabbi, brings various animals and birds to his poor tiny hut, because of which his whole family becomes worse and worse to live, and then takes them out one by one, making life better and better.
It’s funny: it’s clear to everyone in advance that events will turn in an unexpected way, and when that happens, we smile with relief.
It is instructive: you must be able to rejoice in what you have, what is sent to you from above, because, as everyone guesses, it is worse …
For reading by parents to children.

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