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Middle East was the cradle of human civilization and the birthplace of three monotheistic religions. However, starting from about 750 BC, the freely formed nations of the Middle East were crushed and scattered to the wind by the crushing onslaught of imperial conquerors: assyrians and neo-Ovavilonians, ancient Persians and Greco-Macedonians, Romans. Even the Arab conquest of the Middle East did not lead to the formation of new and lasting nation-states.
For reasons to be set out in the final chapter, the Arabs, having extended their language and religion to much of the Middle East, soon dissolved among the peoples who had inhabited the region since ancient times, and from about 900 AD they were ruled by foreign military castes, mainly of Central Asian or Caucasian origin. For centuries, Arabic-speaking countries were a kind of colonial space where the local population did not participate in the governance and whose interests were not taken into account.
Although the great colonial empires have their merits, in general, the history of the Middle East under the rule of various foreign rulers has been sad. And modern states in the Middle East have to overcome this inertia of suffering that they inherited. Poverty, ignorance and fanaticism are still strong. However, fundamental shifts have already been made in our generation.

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