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There are questions – questions, and there are questions – claims. There are questions that are dictated by the interest to learn one or another side of Jewish life, and there are claims in questionable form to all aspects of Jewish life. What are we talking about?
In this chapter, we will try to understand an incredible phenomenon called “hatred of holiness.” Our sages point out that The Hatred descended into the world at the moment when the Jews were honored to receive the Torah on Mount Sinai. Since then, in each generation, changing and gaining the most amazing forms, at all levels.
This hatred is most pronounced in four areas. They are built into each other, on the principle: the closer to holiness, the stronger the dislike. At the moment, the order is this: the peoples of the world hate Jews; secular Jews, in turn, in the constant “claim” to Jews religious; when these feelings are awakened in the Holy Land of Israel, attitudes take the extreme form of hatred; and, at the last stage, all together – in a claim to G-d.
Of course, it is necessary to stipulate that not all active participants in this process, and the hatred itself is of different intensity, but as a typical phenomenon, such feelings do not exist in our world.

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