Letters to the Father In this Hour


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Excerpt from the book:

Seven days later, Rav Ben-Zion at his father’s grave will reveal a stunning truth. “Many people ask me if dad left a will. No, I don’t know about any will. Maybe Hawa knows? After all, she often cared for her father. ” “No, I don’t. I don’t know either,” Hawa replied quietly. “Indeed,” he continued, “the Rabbi left no will. But I still think I did leave. It’s in his lessons, in his books. And whoever wants to will read and see in the lines and between the lines.”
Rav Yitzchak left no will either spiritually or materially. What does that mean? For many years I was tormented by this question – “testament”. After all, it is said in the midrash: why was Yaa-kov-avina sick? Before him, people did not get sick, but died immediately. And Yaakov-avina asked that Hashem not take his soul immediately, but give him the opportunity to say a will. And he was given the disease. From this it is taught that diseases come to a person so that he has the opportunity to dispose of both his property and spiritual heritage. Whether a person will take advantage of this opportunity or not is his choice.
One day my dad asked Rav Yitzchak if he could buy a place next to my mother’s grave. And he replied: “Money is needed now by the living, and the time will come, G-d will take care.” The pope obeyed the rav, but was not satisfied with the answer. “What does ‘take care’ mean?” he repeated. And for me, the answer wasn’t clear. A person after forty thinks about the
end of life, and about what will remain after it. More than once, Rav Yitzchak repeated, “Know! Don’t believe yourself until you put the ground on your eyes.” What does it mean to “don’t believe yourself”? Do not believe that you will be faithful to G-d to the end. Until the very last breath. Then put the ground on your eyes. In this last breath, a person may begin to worry: “What will happen to what remains after me?” and at the last effort will leave a will: “So and so…” This is the lack of faith – anxiety: “What will happen after me?” This is the colossal lesson our beloved teacher gave us with his last breath. And we thank his children for discovering this truth. Even with a last breath not to interfere, not to spoil the management of the Creator of the world. Whatever He may His Great Name be blessed to do is for good!


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