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Over the last few years, I have studied Torah and Hasidism with Issai Goldberg every Saturday night. During our meetings, we discuss Hassidic stories and the lessons we can learn from them, and sometimes we touch upon Halachic topics that I am studying at the moment. I always find a receptive listener who can intuitively grasp the concepts we learn, and who can also share with me his own thoughts and insights on Yiddeshkeit, along with discussing it in connection to the research he has done.
I met Issai long before we started our Sunday classes. For fifteen years, I watched this man grow spiritually and return to the life of observance and mitzvot. He was able to abandon the old vision of the world and return to a world of Torah and the Hassidic perspective.
Let this book inspire you to develop an even greater sense of taste to Judaism and Hasidism, and let the author advance you “from strength to strength”, from materially and spiritually, until the imminent coming of Moshiach.

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