Living Kaddish – Incredible and Inspiring Stories Russian Edition


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When we say Kaddish for our loved ones, we are elevating their souls, sanctifying G-d’s Name, and fulfilling one of the greatest mitzvas.

In the book Living Kaddish, Rabi Gedaliah Zweig takes us on a veritable world tour as he shares some of the incredible and inspiring stories he has collected from dozens of devoted Jews. Against all odds, these Jews fulfilled their commitment to perform one of the greatest mitzvos – saying Kaddish for their loved ones.

Living Kaddish shows us how everyone can fulfill this mitzvah even in the most challlenging of situations. We read about an executive on a business trip and his clandestine Kaddish in an underground yeshivah in Brussels. We are taken on an Arctic canoeing adventure amid galeforce winds and witness an unforgettably emotional Kaddish. We are moved by a father’s painful account of losing his five-month-old baby in a terrorist attack and his unbreakable faith. And we are entertained by the story of a famous filmmaker who risked losing his chance to apepear on Oprah in order to keep his commitment for saying Kaddish.

Living Kaddish is essential for everyone saying Kaddish. It is an uplifting book to offer loved ones and an inspiring book for anyone interested in this mitzvah.

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