Maimonides – Mishneh Torah: The Book of Service (Avodah)


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Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (Rambam, 1138-1204) – the greatest Jewish sage posttalmudic era: the legislator, philosopher, scientist and physician. His code Mishneh Torah (“Repetition Exercises”) – one of the most important works of Jewish tradition. In the most extensive of his works Rambam summarizes and classifies Talmudic tradition and in an accessible form describes the totality of Jewish religious law – Halacha.

The Twelfth Book of Mishna Torah, includes commandments commandments related to sales and purchases, as well as other civil relations in cases that do not have at the outset any injury – such as deposits, and debts, and claims and denials.

Book of Service (Sefer Avodah), details the commandments related to building the Temple and perpetual public sacrifices.

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