Marc Chagall on Art and Culture


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Marc Chagall (1887-1985) travelled a long route throughout his life. From being a boy in the Pale of Settlement, to becoming a commissar of art in revolutionary Russia, to becoming a world-class French artist. The documents and interviews shed light on his rich, versatile, and enigmatic art from within his own mental world. The book raises the problems of a multi-cultural artist with several intersecting identities and the tensions between modernist form and cultural representation in twentieth-century art. It reveals the travails and achievements of his life as a Jew in the twentieth century and his perennial concerns with Jewish identity and destiny, Yiddish literature, and the state of Israel. This collection includes annotations and introductions of the Chagall texts by the renowned scholar Benjamin Harshav that elucidate the texts and convey the changing cultural contexts of Chagall’s life. Also featured is the translation by Benjamin and Barbara Harshav of the first book about Chagall’s work, the 1918 Russian The Art of Marc Chagall.


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