Middle Eastern Frontier


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The Jewish settlements of the West Bank are the focus of heated controversy not only outside Israel, but also in Israel itself. In the decades since the 1967 Six Day War, settlements have become a significant demographic and geopolitical factor that has changed the face of Israeli society as a whole. Hundreds of thousands of Israeli Jews live side by side with Palestinian Arabs in the West Bank. Arab Palestinian settlements and neighborhoods are no more than hundreds, and sometimes tens of meters away from Jewish ones; their residents travel along the same roads. At the same time, both those and others perceive this entire territory as a whole as their own country. Palestine and Israel seem to overlap each other, existing in parallel in the same space and forming a model of the coexistence of two peoples on the same territory. The book tells about the modern Israeli settlement, about its history and current state, as well as about the ideological and historical motives that gave rise to this phenomenon. The author paid special attention to the role of Russian-speaking Jews in the Israeli settlement movement.


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