My Friends – Alef Beis


Colourfully illustrated book by Gadi Pollack.

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This book – a game that opens a window into the mysteries of Jewish letters. 

On the ground lives 70 major nations. Each speaks its own language. And this means that each nation has its own alphabet and letters. But what language people spoke before a generation of the Tower of Babel Creator divided them into 70 nations and 70 languages? Our sages explain, beginning with the first man, Adam, all people talked on “lashon a-Kodesh, on our holy language – Hebrew. And it says in the Book of Zohar, that the Creator looked into the Torah and created the world, that is, first before the Creator was the Torah, written by those holy letters. And the experts teach the hidden wisdom that was written by black fire on white fire. So, first the Lord created these 22 letters, and by them He created the whole world.

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