Psalms with Commentary of Radak (Vol. 1)


Sefer Tehillim with Commentary of Radak.

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Tehilim with the commentary of Rabbi David Kimhi (RaDaK).

Three-volume Tehillim (Psalmswith commentary of the famous religious thinker and interpreter of the Torah Rabbi David Kimchi, known in acronym Radak, a real event in the world of literature related to comments and studies of the Bible (Old Testament). Rabbi David Kimchi (Radak) is a representative of a prominent family researchers Kimchi, that lived in Provence in XI-XIII centuries.

Commentaries on Tanach by Rabbi David Kimchi had a profound influence on subsequent generations of teachers of the Torah. Following family tradition, David Kimchi based his work on the method of direct interpretation and philological analysis of the text. David Kimchi‘s philosophical views were formed under the influence of rationalism by Avraham Ibn Ezra and Maimonides.


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