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All probably heard the story about Mordechai and Esther, who saved the Jews of the Persian Empire from destruction villain Haman. This story is described in the Book of Esther included in the Tanakh ( Hebrew Bible ). According to Jewish tradition, the Scroll of Esther, Mordechai prophet was recorded after the events occurred, which it says. Mordechai was a member of the Knesset aGdola – ” Great Sobraniya5 ‘ – Jewish religious court of the Supreme in the Babylonian captivity. ” Great Assembly ” has played a huge role in the life of the Jews – it gave people exiled force to return from captivity, spread Torah throughout the nation, making it “heritage of the whole community of Israel” in particular. Great meeting laid the foundations of the Talmud.
Many of the ideas and images that are an integral part of Jewish cultural and religious traditions and nourish our people for the last more than two millennia, its origins in the Book of Esther. In the Talmud it is written about him a lot, a treatise of the Talmud – ” Megillah ” (” Scroll ” ) – dedicated to a large extent this book. Scroll text, as well as oral comments to it, then included in the Talmudic literature, handed down from teacher to student. Thus, for all these generations Megillah was inseparable from the clarifications thereto contained in the Talmud. Classical interpretation of the Book of Esther in the essential points different from the average reading of the Scroll “modern intelligent reader “, which is characterized, unfortunately, in the context of the interpretation of the Scroll of an alien culture.
In this book we have tried to show what it looks like the Scroll of Esther from the perspective of the Jewish Tradition.

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