Rambam – The 13 Principles of Faith, 8 & 9; The Torah


Compiled and Adapted by: Rabbi Chaim Miller


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With an anthology of commentaries from the Talmud, Midrash, Rishonim and Achronim, and elucidation from the works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Table of Contents:

8th Principle:

Lesson 1: A Logical Approach to Sinai
Lesson 2: The Oral Law: Given at Sinai
Lesson 3: The Oral Law as G-d’s Word
Lesson 4: The Authorship of the Book of Devarim
Lesson 5: The Origin of Disputes in the Oral Law
Lesson 6: Accuracy of the Oral Tradition
Lesson 7: The Derived Laws: When Data is Lost
Lesson 8: The Co-Existence of Contradictory Truths – Part I
Lesson 9: The Co-Existence of Contradictory Truths – Part II
Lesson 10: The Co-Existence of Contradictory Truths – Part III
Lesson 11: The Halachic Process
Lesson 12: The Crucial Role of Humility

9th Principle:

Lesson 1: The Eternal Relevance of the Torah
Lesson 2: The Necessity of the Ninth Principle
Lesson 3: Are Torah Promises Subject to Change?
Lesson 4: Temporary Suspension of the Law
Lesson 5: Tampering with the Written and Oral Law
Lesson 6: Rabbinic Law and the Ninth Principle
Lesson 7: Prohibitions in the Future Era
Lesson 8: Will the Commandments Ever be Annulled
Lesson 9: The “New Torah” of Moshiach
Lesson 10: The Future of the Hillel-Shammai Debate
Lesson 11: The Future of the Prophets and Writings
Lesson 12: The Future Annulment of the Festivals
Lesson 13: Recalling the Exodus – Today and Tomorrow
Lesson 14: Milk and Meat in the Future
Lesson 15: The Ritual Impurity of Childbirth in the Future
Lesson 16: Other Changes in the Future


Science and Technology in the Works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

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