Say “Thank You” and See Miracles – The Garden of Miracles


190 true stories about the Power of Gratitude

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In this book, we have compiled 190 stories of miracles that people from all over the world have brought to our attention. These wonderful people have seen miraculous salvations by expressing their gratitude to Hashem and by clinging to the belief that everything He does is for the very best.

People who waited years for a soul mate suddenly met the right person. Couples with terrible fertility issues suddenly became parents. Debtors who never dreamed to repaying their debts not only did so, but also became wealthy as well. People who were light years away from spirituality discovered the sublime pleasure of their own intimate relationship with Hashem. How did they do it? These are all the sweet fruits of gratitude, thanking Hashem for everything while taking nothing for granted.

Gratitude is a person’s most important asset. Gratitude mitigates stern judgements, brings a person to emuna and helps him see the truth. With gratitude, he sees life in its proper perspective.

The person who lives the sweet life of gratitude unlocks every gate of abundance and salvation. Start saying thank You and see how everything in your life turns around for the very best.

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