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The new edition of Mahanaima: “Faith and Reason” by Benjamin Fine.The book consists of two parts: “Thoughts on Science, Divine Management, Freedom of Choice and Faith” and “Chapters from Life”. Both parts are of considerable interest, the author’s thoughts and his life evoke empathy and sympathy in the reader. The author is a physicist, refusenik, exit fighter, participant in a seminar of refuseniks, a religious person, he wrote a book in Hebrew יש מאין / פיין ,בנימין ראובן מס / ירושלים / 2004,so the Russian edition is already a translation. The book is focused on explaining the position of a believing scientist and is written quite strictly and accurately. Favorite authorities of the author: Karl Popper, Kant, Hume, Einstein, Newton, and from the religious: Rambam, R. Soloveitchik. A lesser-known authority that will be unexpected and unknown to many is Shlomo Maimon, who successfully entered into a polemic with Kant himself.

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