The Book and the Jews


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The great interest in the topic of the Jewish book is not accidental. Book of books. The Torah has always occupied an extremely important place in the life of the Jewish people, and not only Jewish life. The articles in this collection address various aspects of this topic.

Jews treat the book like a person. And sometimes, on the contrary, the author is treated like a book. Its name becomes His estate, which is preserved in the memory of descendants. The function of the Book in Jewish culture is radically different from the role that the book played in Greek culture and continues to play in today’s Western European culture. This distinction can be formulated very simply: a Jew (and the Jewish people in general) is not a reader, but a hero of the Book.

How did it happen that the high level of education of the Jews of the USSR, extensive knowledge of world literature coexisted with the lack of knowledge about the main Jewish book?

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