The Inner Dimension of Time




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In the Kabbalistic books, creation is divided into three aspects: the world, the year, and the soul. The world is a place, a year is a time, a soul is ourselves. Time binds soul and place, subjective self and our objective reality, thereby creating our life experience.

How to use time correctly is a big question. Some in constant pursuit of him, flowing through their fingers, in the end with nothing. “Slaves of time – slaves of slaves” (Rabbi Yehuda ha-Levi). In fact, we need to “calculate” the time, fill every moment with meaning in order to deserve to become “in step with the times” – to consciously live all the days of our life, when every day and every moment illuminate the Soul, layering, with growth rings on a tree trunk. Movement in time gives an additional sense of life: “Blessed is he who has given us life, who supports it in us and who has allowed us to live up to this time.”

Does time move in a straight line or does it go in a circle? At first glance – in a circle. But this is not a vicious circle along which the ascending spirals move, repeating the same route. Therefore, we can return to a certain point in time and correct it, as implied in the expression “this year” – that is, return to a certain period of time and make its correction, as the loss is returned to its owner.

In order to “live with time” properly – in the words of the Alter Rebbe – we need to think about its inner meaning, the secrets hidden behind the leaves of the calendar, and the amazing opportunities that await us there.

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