The Little Midrash Says: Bamidbar


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The Midrash (the explanations of our sages) is a story related to the holy books, their heroes and plots, but the midrash tells about what is missing in these books. Absent but restored to other places of the Torah, other texts, and oral tradition. Using all the knowledge and rules of interpretation of texts, our sages come to a new, deeper, often unexpected understanding of what seems to have long been known and studied. The fourth volume is devoted to the book Bemidbar. Young readers will continue to study the history of the wanderings of the Jews in the desert, learn more about Moshe Rabbeinu and how he taught the Jews to live as a single community and serve the Almighty, about the death of his brother Aharon and sister Miryam, about how the scouts of the Jews in Canaan sinned, about the red cow, about the rebellion of Korach and the war with King Balak and the false prophet Bilham, about the indissolubility of the Covenant between the Almighty and the children of Israel.

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