The little Midrash Says: Vayikra


The Little Midrash Says: A Digest of the Weekly Torah-portion Based on Rashi, Rishonim, and Midrashim, New Midrashim and Stories.

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The Midrash (explanations of our sages) is a story related to the sacred books, their heroes and plots, but the midrash tells what is absent in these books. Absent – but restored to other places of the Torah, other texts and oral tradition. Using all the knowledge and rules of interpretation of texts, our sages come to a new, deeper, often unexpected understanding of what seems to have long been known and studied. The proposed midrash tells the children series of books lists some midrash for each weekly chapter of the Torah. The first volume is devoted to the book beresheet. Young readers will learn about the creation of the world and the history of the treaty between the Almighty and Abraham, about Abraham’s son Yitzchack and his grandson Ya’akov, about the twelve tribes of Israel and their life in Egypt, about the indissolubility of the covenant between the Almighty and the children of Israel.

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