The Way of God


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In the book “Derekh Hashem” (The Way of the Creator) consistently and systematically set out – on the basis of Kabbalah – the main provisions of the Jewish worldview.

The book you will now begin to read is not an essay on Jewish philosophy, but a work of oral Torah. The difference between these two phenomena is huge and fundamental. The source of philosophical ideas is the human mind, which studies and analyzes phenomena in order to understand their true nature. In philosophy, reason is the supreme judge. The source of the Torah’s thoughts is G-god’s Revelation. The purpose of the human mind is to comprehend revelation, to derive from it practical instructions: how to live a person on earth in accordance with the will of the Almighty. Ramchal and other Jewish sages did not invent or invent the thoughts contained in the books they wrote. They “only” gave an intelligible form to the wisdom that the Jewish people received in a condensed form at Sinai during the giving of the Torah. The greatness of the sage is not that he comes up with ideas and concepts that become part of the people’s consciousness, but that he reveals to his own and subsequent generations the knowledge that is already contained in the Tradition coming from Sinai.

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