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The classic kabbalistic work, The Tomer Devorah by Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, is now available in Russian. Written by one of the foremost Jewish mystics of Safed’s golden age, Tomer Devorah is a unique moral treatise based on a Kabbalist’s understanding of mitzvot. It teaches us to emulate G-d in everything we do, and imbues us with a sense of purpose and responsibility. This new Russian translation, with its extensive notes and commentary, is an invaluable resource for the student and scholar alike.

Learning Compassion through Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy — Stories, Explanations, and Practical Examples that Illuminate the First Chapter of Rabbi Moshe Cordevero’s Classic Work

Of all the works of the Arizal’s teacher, the holy Rav Moshe Cordovero, Tomer Devorah is the best known, most easily understood and most clearly practical. Its first chapter examines Hashem’s Thirteen Attributes of Mercy and reveals the highest levels of interpersonal relations for us to follow.

Tomer Devorah, is based upon deep concepts of Kabbalah, in a language and style appropriate for our times, and makes them accessible to everyone.

Each of the Thirteen Attributes of Divine Mercy is first presented with the analysis of the original text, and then discussed and illustrated with a practical example, involving challenges similar to those we often face in our day-to-day lives. These examples, together with background information and illuminating stories, help us apply these profound traits, which might otherwise seem too lofty and divorced from our present reality.

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