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Torah and Psychology, correction of spiritual qualities, practical work on themselves. The book includes an audio CD with 60 exercises!

2nd edition, revised and enlarged, with MP3-audio CD (over 60 exercises)

The book tells about the psychological aspects of emotional perception of the Torah, and the transmigration of souls that say about the Jewish sources, are exercises of the spiritual training.

So, time to relax.
Close your eyes, take a deep breath. We go into a deep, deep relaxation.
Relax, please, shoulder muscles, back muscles, leg muscles, relax your toes and feet. A deep, pleasant relaxation.
Relaxation is coming up on his feet in the abdominal muscles, chest muscles. Relax your shoulders and arms. Relaxation is coming up on his hands in the neck, head. Relax the muscles of the head and face. Relax the muscles around the eyes, nose, mouth, ears.

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