Travel to Alef Bet


Alphabet comic.

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By Irina Tsimlyanskaya 

Our heroes Yaakov and Aaron invite you to make an easy and entertaining journey to the country of Alef Bet and discover the wonderful world of Hebrew. Traveling with children from letter to letter, your child will be able to: 1. Learn the alphabet and vocalizations; 2. Learn to read; 3. To learn in a playful way – making up stories, telling them and inserting words in Hebrew into the story – about 400 words; 4. Learn to count to 10 and learn the names of colors. Each letter is devoted to one spread (two adjacent pages) and one story, which is built from words starting with this letter. As soon as the child learns the words on the turns, you can go to the words from the dictionary. There are Hebrew names in the dictionary for almost all items drawn in the book.

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