Travels Through Weekly Chapters (Bereshit)


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The book allows the Russian-speaking reader to look into the treasury of Jewish spiritual heritage and discover very unexpected and all the more attractive values ​​in it. Consists of the commentaries of the sages on the weekly chapters of the fourth Pentateuch, collected and processed by Menachem Michael Gitik, the author of the books on Jewish philosophy “Meet – Jewry!, Subtle Silence,” and “Where was G-d during the Holocaust?”

Going on a trip, it is customary to plan in advance the sights that are going to be seen without fail. As a rule, these are the largest (not necessarily in a spatial sense) and the most famous places of pilgrimage for tourists. In our attempt to “embrace” the immense Torah, we will use the above-mentioned, cunning recipe. Our attention in each of the weekly chapters will be attracted, first, the most “famous” plot twists, laws or characters. The comments from which we will learn (except for the cases when the name of the sage is indicated) were received by the author from his rabbi – Rabbi Moshe Frank, to whom the author owes the most important thing – the love he instilled in him, to the words of the Pentateuch of Moshe. The roots of the Divine language in which the Torah is written will be the guiding light on the journey we embark on.

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