War and Peace in the Holy Land


The Territorial Integrity of Israel: A Life Threatening Concern.


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The purpose of this book is to open the reader’s eyes to the meaning of modern history, to shed a bright light on its episodes, deliberately obscured or completely hushed up, and to dispel the fog of misinformation with which well-known circles of Israeli society have enveloped the minds of most of the people and which outside the Land of Israel has thickened to the density of storm clouds.
The book is based on two pamphlets on the situation in the Middle East, which were published in English by the Chabad publishing house “Sichot in English”: the first – back in 1978 under the title “Defense of the Holy Land”, the second, “G-d’s Eyes [directed] to the Country” – in 1997.

Fundamental principles based on the public statements and writings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, from the Six Day War until 1992.

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